About us

Pelion Homes provides high quality holiday villas and experiences for people who love nature and serenity.  We welcome you to find your rental villa with sea view and explore the activities and services that we offer. 


We are a family who has fallen in love with this beautiful mountain called Pelion! For the past 40 years we have been spending many months each year in the village of Agios Georgios Nilias enjoying the tranquility and slow pace of this region in Pelion. Moreover, we have invited many friends those years that in their turn have fallen in love and keep visiting this place ever since! 


A few years ago, we decided to share this place with other people from around the world by creating PELION HOMES, a collection of hand picked and selected villas, most of them owned by our company, to offer the possibility for our guests to experience pelion in an honest and exclusive way along with a series of experiential activities we organise for our guests. 




Our Vision

We were inspired to create a community, off the beaten track. A community eager to have a deeper look at the enchanting secrets of the traditional wisdom of Pelion and sharing unique moments and information among people from around the world!


Our idea is to create a serene community where people staying with us, will have a home away from home, they will be able to learn from the local wisdom and become more healthy, closer to nature, closer to their loved fellow travelers and other people. The mythical Pelion is a source of positive energy for people seeking happiness, longevity and balance in their lives. 


Our overall mission is to provide Immersive Slow Pace Travel Experiences where people of the community will be able to learn, teach, participate and exchange information, in the peaceful framework that Pelion is offering with abundance. 


Our dream is to overcome the narrow limits of the enterprise and create a community that cares about good living, sharing knowledge and have fun! Our wish is to be closer to people visiting the place and develop a bond between us and exchange life tips and thoughts. 


All this coud not have happened without the burning force of our team. Meet the people behind Pelion Homes.